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More music in our yoga

January 5, 2011

Featured, Mind, Body, and Spirit

At the start of the new year, the NY Times featured an article on the growing presence of music in yoga classes. I know it makes a difference for me to have well selected tracks. The right song can create such a mood, whether contemplative or just playful and fun. At Laughing Lotus, teachers always have great song lists, and that’s part of what draws me there. Recently at Les’ class at Yoga Tree, he asked whether we wanted Baba Riley or Kirtan to practice to. The Who won, and we got Baba Riley.

The fun part of introducing tracks from Bob Marley, Van Morrison to Nina Simone’s is creating a whole new feeling doing Warriors, Sun Salutations, and invite the practice become more fluid. But I do feel strongly yoga teachers should hone in on their DJ skillz to select their tracks carefully. To me this means:

  • Building music intensity with the practice
  • Selecting international, meditative tracks to transport students elsewhere
  • Throwing in some acoustic, folky tunes from artists like Feist, but soulful ones too!
  • Picking songs that go with the weather and seasons to help create a peaceful, centered mood

Enjoy these in no particular order, and please name any songs you love practicing to here!

and one of my all-time favorite groups for yoga, Rasa:

3 Responses to “More music in our yoga”

  1. sam Says:

    thanks for sharing! i love practicing to shpongle, particularly the song DMT:


  2. sharona Says:

    i love donna de lory’s he ma durga. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Iwgu7dtaOHY

  3. Marka Meeba Says:

    This is my latest underground scoop, free download too.
    Big ups Vera!

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